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Life and Times
Stephane Dalle, born in Guise, France, studied in Paris with Solange Golovine, Serge Golovine, Raymond Franchetti, Jaqueline Fynnaert and in New York with Stanley Williams, Andrei Kramarewsky, Gabriela Darwach, and William Griffith. In 1997 he was awarded the best partner prize from the Serge Lifar Competition held in Kiev, Ukraine. He received a diploma from the Varna Competition, Bulgaria, 1988. In 1984 he was the Johnson Foundation Prize winner with Lausanne Competition in Swizerland. He has danced the classical and contemporary repertoire with: Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Bonner Oper, Opernhaus Zuerich, Ballet Bejart Lausanne,Ballet Frankfuert, English National Ballet London, Ballet der Deutschen Oper am Rhein Duesseldorf, Het National Ballet Amsterdam, Ballet San Jose, Ballet British Columbia Vancouver. In 1996, he organized the Gala performance in France (St Quentin), <<Danseur d'aujord'hui>> and was named by the city of St Quentin as Ambassador. Retired from dancing in 2006 he is now teaching Ballet Class and the Floor Barre (methode Boris Kniaseff) with Jurriens Foundation Center (Amsterdam), Het National Ballet (Amsterdam), Galili Dance (Goningen), Frankfuert Ballet, Ballet Deutsche Oper am Rhein (Duesseldorf), Saarbrucken Ballet, Ballet San Jose, Stuttgarter Ballet, Conservatoire National 8em Paris, John Cranko Ballet Schule (Stuttgart), The Loft (Bruxelles), and Architanz (Tokyo). Lines Dance Center (San Francisco), ABC Dance Center (Tokyo). National Ballet Spain (Madrid). Staats Ballet (Berlin) Scottish Ballet (Glasgow) Polish National Ballet (Warsaw) Hong Kong Ballet Houston Ballet school TX Royal Danish Ballet
Stephane Dalle
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